Nottingham Accident Claims Limited is commited to ensuring the best possible level of service to its clients and others who have contacted the firm. This policy extends to handling complaints.

All staff are provided with guidance about how to deal with complaints to ensure consistency and compliance with the procedure.

Our intention is to provide early satisfaction conclusion to most complaints raised.

Who To Contact

In the first instance, you should raise any complaints or expression of dissatisfaction with the person you have dealing with.

If you prefer, you can raise your complaints with Mr Basharat Mahmood.

If you wish to discuss our complaints procedure, rather then report a specific complaint, please contact Mr Mohammed Younas on 0115 9781121.

The person with overall responsibility for handling complaints is Mr Basharat Mahmood.

Complaints Procedure

All clients are advised in writing at the outside of our complaints procedure and top whom complaints should be addressed.

What is a formal complaint?

A verbal or written complaint, irrespective of whom the complaint is addressed.

Any expression of dissatisfaction were the complaint bypasses the person they are dealing with and takes the matter directly to any member of staff.</li></ul><p><strong>Note: anybody can complain and there complaint(s) will be taken seriously and dealt with in accordance with the procedure.

When a formal complaint is recorded, the following procedures are adhered to:

Initial Complaints

The complaint or issue raised will be acknowledged in writing to the complaint either two working days (or as soon as practically possible) advising him or her that a formal response will provided, in writing, within 14 days, together with the name and status of the person handling the matter.

The matter will then be investigated by the person dealing with their complaint (usually not the most senor person at this point) as appropriate, and the result notified to the complaint in writing within 14 days, either rejecting or accepting the complaint and, of the matter and if appropriate, offering a resolution.

Complaints are advised who to complain to should they be unhappy with the response recieved. (This would then be someone more senor).

Further Complaint

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the response from the person dealing with the complaint, their further concerns are notified to Mr Basharat Mahmood.

The further complaint or issues will be acknowledged in writing to the complaint either two working days (or as soon as practically possible) advising him or her that Mr Basharat Mahmood will provided a formal response in writing in 14 days.

Mr Basharat Mahmood will then investigate the matter and the result will be notified to the complaint with 14 days. The response will indicate that wether the complaint is accepted or rejected and if the latter, were appropriate offer redress. The letter will include information explaining hoe to refer the matter to the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE if the complaint remians dissatisfied.